UNESCO releases ‘Global Ocean Science Report’ on World Oceans Day | Compendium Coast and Sea

UNESCO releases ‘Global Ocean Science Report’ on World Oceans Day

As part of the United Nations’ Ocean Conference, the first Global Ocean Science Report (GOSR) was presented on Wednesday, 8 June, on World Oceans Day in New York. The Global Ocean Science Report marks the possibility of having a first look at the current state and main trends in oceanic research on a global scale. The report can be considered as a systematically composed instrument that delivers information on research projects, research infrastructures, institutes, publications and manpower for oceanic research ranging from the local to global scale on a user-friendly level. The report proves extremely suitable for identifying key elements in oceanic research leading to the discovery of new research opportunities and knowledge gaps, hence promoting international cooperation in ocean science and technology. The instrument is predominately aimed at policy makers, academics and other stakeholders who want to explore the potential of oceanic science to address global challenges. In addition, the Global Ocean Science Report will be used to monitor progress on sustainable development goal 14 (priority objective within UN’s 2030 sustainable development goals), adopted by the United Nations as a key objective to safeguard the role of the ocean for humanity now and in the future.

The Compendium for Coast and Sea, issued by VLIZ, was used by the member states in the development phase of the GOSR as an example of good practices.