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Marine aquaculture

In 2019, the worldwide aquatic production (through ‘wild’ fisheries and aquaculture, including macroalgae and other aquatic plants) amounted to 213.7 million tonnes. Aquaculture accounted for 56.2% of the total production. Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production sector worldwide, with an average annual increase of 6.8 % since 1990. Global mariculture production in 2019 amounted to 66.7 million tonnes, while Europe produced a total of 2.7 million tonnes with Norway as the main producer (53.6%). The FAO did not record any commercial production of marine species in Belgium in 2019. In the ‘Thematic chapter’, an overview is given of the scientific knowledge, socioeconomic data and legal aspects of the user function ‘Aquaculture’ for the Belgian part of the North Sea. The European legislation applicable to this activity is discussed in more detail under ‘Legislation’, while the figures and background data can be consulted in an interactive way by clicking ‘Coastal Portal’. More information about the available expertise regarding aquaculture within the Belgian marine research groups and their relevant research infrastructure can be consulted by clicking ‘Research groups’ and ‘Infrastructure’, respectively.