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Belgium participates with two projects in Blue Bioeconomy call of EMFF

The European Commission will support 22 new sustainable blue projects under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. A total of €15.1 million will be distributed to 104 companies from 22 countries. Belgium is participating in two projects through the AlgaeDemo project and the AQUA-LIT project. With the Blue Bioeconomy call, the EC wants to promote the implementation of a sustainable blue economy throughout the EU and the Mediterranean Sea basin.

The call was divided into four domains. The largest part (almost 9 million euros) goes to demonstration and market projects. Blue networks and fighting marine litter each share around €2.3 million. One project has been selected in the section "restoring ecosystems" and will receive 1.5 million euros.

Within these four domains, the projects will address the following topics: innovation (de-risking investment in demonstration projects), environment (fighting marine litter and restoring ecosystems), cooperation for a sustainable blue economy and better ocean governance in the Mediterranean Sea basin.

The Belgian projects fall under the domain of the demonstration and market projects (AlgaeDemo) and fighting of marine litter (AQUALIT).

AlgaeDemo: Demonstration of large scale seaweed cultivation at open sea and the positive effects thereof on the ocean

AlgaeDemo wants to demonstrate the possibility of a sustainable, large-scale (1.4 ha) industrial cultivation of selected seaweed species in the open sea, with automated seeding, harvesting and monitoring. The North Sea area is the main focus area.

Belgian partner: Sioen Industries NV

AQUA-LIT: Preventive measures for averting the discarding of litter in the marine environment from the aquaculture industry

AQUA-LIT will develop a toolbox of innovative ideas and methodologies to prevent and reduce litter from aquaculture activities, to monitor, and to remove and recycle litter from aquaculture facilities. The scope of this toolbox includes the Mediterranean Sea, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Belgian partner: Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ)

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