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Blue Cluster kick-off

Spearhead Cluster

The Blue Cluster is the sixth Spearhead Cluster in Flanders, following Catalisti (chemistry), Flux50 (energy), VIL (logistics), Flanders Food (agro food) and SIM (new materials). The Blue Clusters has been launched on the 26th of June in Ostend, in the presence of 250 representatives from the industry, universities an research institutes. Those Spearhead Clusters are far-reaching partnerships between companies, knowledge institutes and the government


Economic activities and investments

The Blue Cluster should primarily focus on innovative research and development  (R&D) projects that will contribute to sustainable and promising economic activities and investments in and beyond the North Sea.

Specifically, this will include the search for solutions related to coastal defenses, renewable energy at sea, aquaculture, marine connections, marine litter and ecologically conscious coastal tourism.

Flemish minister-president Geert Bourgeois: "Now, West Flanders also has a Spearhead Cluster, with its headquarter at the Flemish coast. This will act as a basis for sustainable growth and job creation. The North Sea is not only an beautiful natural source, it also offers a huge amount of ​​research and exploitation opportunities in many sectors, from energy to food, transport, cosmetics and health, and that potential is still not fully used. That's why I am delighted that a number of Flemish companies and institutions, which can be considered world-class in their niche, bundle their knowledge and experience to research and utilise the economic and ecological potential of the North Sea."