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Dredging and dumping

A large share of the sediments dumped each year is dredged and dumped in the southern part of the North Sea, largely due to the maintenance of fairways and big ports. Between 2008 and 2014, more than a thousand million tonnes (dry weight) were dumped in the OSPAR region (North-East Atlantic and North Sea). In Belgium, over 267.2 million tonsnes (dry weight) were dumped in the same period. In the ‘Thematic chapter’, an overview is given of the scientific knowledge, socioeconomic data and legal aspects of the user function ‘Dredging and dumping’ for the Belgian part of the North Sea. The specific situation of these activities in the Scheldt Estuary is discussed in the chapter ‘Scheldt Estuary’. The international legislation applicable to this activity is discussed in more detail under ‘Legislation’, while the figures and data can be consulted by clicking on 'Coastal portal'. More information about the available expertise regarding dredging and dumping within the Belgian marine research groups and their relevant research infrastructure can be consulted by clicking ‘Research groups’ and ‘Infrastructure’, respectively.