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The Ostend Research Tower becomes operational

The Ostend Research Tower, the result of the Blue Accelerator project, is operational. This new innovation and development platform 500 m outside the port of Ostend will serve as a 'living lab' to carry out tests in the context of the development of Blue Energy projects (offshore wind energy and wave and tidal energy) and the broader blue economy. For efficient research into innovative technological developments, it is of great value to scale up and test these in real-life sea conditions. The Ostend Research Tower hence meets the needs of scientific institutions and maritime companies.

The Ostend Research Tower is financed for 1.5 million euros by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), with co-financing of 735,400 euros by the Government of Flanders (Hermes-fund). The test platform will be developed by the Provincial Development Agency (POM) of West Flanders and will be operated until 2033.

Like Ghent University, Hogeschool Vives, VITO and TUA West, VLIZ is involved as a scientific partner in the project. Specifically, VLIZ will be responsible for carrying out measurements of environmental parameters on and near the test platform, providing scientific and technical support for carrying out the tests, and acting as a contact point for knowledge institutions.

It is anticipated that the following measurements, investigations and tests will be carried out on the platform (non-exhaustive): wave energy conversion, corrosion and abrasion research, cable manipulations, research into resistive resistance, material science research, meteorological measuring mast, research into underwater substrates, research into stratification, drone platform, ROV and kite-technology, etc. The test set-ups are carried out in the context of research by knowledge institutes as well as commercial companies.

Contact persons VLIZ: Hans Pirlet and André Cattrijsse


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