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Scheldt Symposium: En Route!

On Thursday 9 June the - due to Corona delayed - Scheldt Symposium will take place in the halls of Zoo van Antwerpen. That day, speakers and participants from science, policy and other stakeholders will be taking steps forward for the nature, accessibility and safety of the Scheldt estuary. 'En route!' or together towards a vital and sustainable Scheldt estuary is the starting point of this edition.

The day will start with a walk-in with coffee and interactive booths where you will learn more about the sediment pilot in the Westerscheldt estuary, and you will learn how to collect your own data with the new apps from the ScheldeMonitor.

During the plenary programme you will get an insight into the Living Labs taking place in the Hedwige-Prosperpolder. This will be followed by fascinating break-out sessions on specific projects and themes:

  •     Effects of climate change on the Scheldt nature
  •     Results of 25 years of OMES monitoring: how does the Sigma Plan contribute to the water quality of the Sea Scheldt?
  •     New evaluation methodology: T2021. What has changed?
  •     How the Decision Support System (BOS) of the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal helps to protect the salt balance.

After the morning programme and a networking lunch, there will be an optional excursion to the Scheldt quays.

If you are not able to be in Antwerp due to circumstances, you can subscribe to the live stream by registering through the registration form.