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Largest cluster conference in the world visits Ostend

The 22nd edition of the world's largest cluster conference, TCI2019, will take place this year in Antwerp from 8-10 October. TCI 2019 is aimed at prominent figures from the government, business and academia. The theme chosen is 'strategic clusters for sustainable growth - new trends and practices'.

On the first day of the conference there will be a 'Coastal Marine Tour' in Ostend. The focus will be on how industry, knowledge institutes and government work together on blue innovation. Alongside a visit to the port of Ostend, they will also reflect on how more than 40 million euros of new investments by the Flemish government in maritime R&D infrastructure in Ostend will facilitate the future growth of the blue economy: offshore energy, clean and autonomous shipping, coastal protection, marine aquaculture, etc.

More information and registrations, see the conference website