UGent Blue Growth Summer School 2019 for young marine scientists | Compendium Coast and Sea

UGent Blue Growth Summer School 2019 for young marine scientists

From 9-20 September 2019 UGent Campus Oostende organizes the latest edition of the UGent Blue Growth Summer School. The aim of this course is to give an in-depth overview of what is meant by "Ocean Literacy" by means of both maritime and marine modules. Specifically, the Blue Growth Summer School wants to offer an extensive training programme that combines theoretical sessions on a wide variety of subjects (wind and wave energy, aquaculture, blue biotechnology, ecosystems, spatial planning at sea, etc.) with various on-site visits to the wind farms and the Flanders Marine Institute, among others. Furthermore, workshops will be organised on the application of AV-RV technologies in blue growth industries and on how to communicate with impact.

In addition to a high level of education, the students will also be challenged by an assignment inspired by the challenges that arise within the Blue Growth domain.

Finally, a unique Job Fair will be organised that gives a good overview of the professional opportunities that the Blue Economy has to offer.

The Blue Growth Summer School will take place from 9-20 September 2019 on the Greenbridge site, UGent Campus Oostende, Science Park 1 - 8400 Oostende, Belgium. For registrations (until 19 August) and details about the programme, please visit: